Della Robbia Inc.
Providing 5-star service for over 30 years.
Della Robbia is named after the Renaissance artistic Italian
family of sculptors who were known for their attention to detail
and creative enamel designs. It is precisely those traits of creativity
and detail that
Della Robbia Founder Vincent J. Lombardi III has
based his design philosophy.

Mr. Lombardi has over 30 years of experience in interior plant
design and placement. He approaches each client and project
individually, with the goal of total satisfaction. His design principle
is based on creating green environments which nurture and
embrace all those who inhabit them. "I design by imagining the
experience, seeing how the light will enter, then transforming that
into a green and elegant lifestyle for my client".

For more than a quarter of a century,
Della Robbia has forged
business relationships with environmentally friendly nurseries and
growers throughout the United States and abroad. Mr. Lombardi
has traveled extensively worldwide to Asia, Europe, Africa, India and
all ports in between sourcing international vendors for the latest in
containers, ceramics and baskets.

Mr. Lombardi and his team of highly experienced and skilled
professionals are equipped to undertake interior projects of any
size. If you are an interior designer, architect, space planner and
your speciality is high-end commercial or residential properties
don't hesitate to contact us.

Della Robbia be your premiere choice for interior plant design.
Call or email us today to schedule a plant design and placement
analysis for your home, office, building or event.
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